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About Chatime
Having some tea when you are free. Drinking some tea is not a habit any longer but an attitude of taste! Cha (Tea) – Time (Tea Time) hopes everyone can spare some time to have a cup of beloved tea. Let Taiwan’s excellent tea and unique pearl milk tea bring a brand-new attitude of tea tasting and consumption experience to the world!

Brand Introduction

Chatime emphasizes Taiwanese tea with a health concept and makes it delicate. Also, we accent all sorts of heavily scented milk tea and diverse choices of fresh fruit tea, etc. We introduce the concept of “Technological Tea” into the production process which is simplification, standardization, and specialization. With the unity of a mechanical setting, every beverage delivered to customers maintains top quality. We value the quality of every cup of tea, and keep an eye on every detail which may affect the taste. We just want to completely present the good flavor of the most primitive tea – sweet, pure, and smooth. Pour a fresh and sweet taste into a tasteless life; bring the weary heart a bit of leisure to taste some tea, and enjoy fine tea and a good time just for you.

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